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Hi, I’m Marissa. I’ve been alive for 19 years now and I finally have my own apartment. I’m an over analyzer. A math addict. A yearbook nerd. A dress collector. I believe we’re all broken hearted & not all things happen for a reason. I like to write songs and wear my dad’s old sweaters. I love to go back to my parents’ house and slide on their hardware floors and visit my old room. I’m a sophomore in college and I haven’t the slightest idea what I want to do. So for now, I’ll spend my summer days at the beach, WEARING SUNSCREEN, with my cousins and my nights watching completely pointless movies with my two best friends. I’m happier at the beach, but I want to live someplace where there are rainstorms everyday. I’ll live with 72 cats, a husband with tattoos and curly hair and a love for sad movies (preferably Titanic and A Walk To Remember). I have this weird fascination with love and that’s probably why my two favorite love stories are not The Notebook and Dear John. Love isn’t like that. Love is unpredictable, and scary, and frustrating, and tragic, and beautiful, and real, I have to believe in fairytales and I have to believe in love. True love happens sometimes. It isn’t something we make up when we’re nine. I have to believe that and you do, too. I’m still just looking for my Pacey Witter. I will find that love even if it takes me 13 heartbreaks and a new cat every time someone says something to make me cry. Though, I might have to find a bigger place if that happens..


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