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Simply Marissa. An introduction to the rest of my nonsense

Go ahead. Click “Me: A girl in a dress with a dream”. I dare you.

So,  I used to have a blog called simplymarissaandmurphy with my best friend, but we had a falling out and now are no longer friends so I decided to delete our joint blog and create my own. Here we are.

You’ll find some of my titles are Fall and Winter related and I promise I have a good explanation for that. I wrote them and posted them originally on my old blog.. I liked them, so I decided to just transfer them to this wonderfully new and solo blog. Many of the songs on here are all about 4 guys. 15 songs. 4 guys. That’s a little crazy.

I’ve been in hibernation for the winter months, which also means no winter blogs. That I will probably hit myself for in a month or two. I read other blogs and wonder how one can write THAT many blogs THAT often. My life isn’t that interesting.. This weekend, however, was a different story…

I’ve got these two best friends. Kate and Lyndsay. I’ve been best friends with Lyndsay since first grade. Kate came along a little while later. We’ve had our fights and one time where we didn’t talk for almost an entire school year, but we got over it as best friends should and are now closer than ever. We’re so close we planned our school schedules so none of us would have Friday classes. A little high school like, but totally worth it. They both live in Kalamazoo while I live in St. Joe, but we see each other just enough to where we don’t find the reasons why we annoy each other. Friday night was great because we went and saw The Roommate in theaters. It was great because Kate and I will be getting an apartment together in the fall since she’s coming back from kzoo and Lyndsay’s headed to Chicago. We’ll miss her, but we’ll also be able to go ice skating whenever we want. (Lynds HATES and refuses to go ice skating). Anywho, The Roommate was this great psycho-girl-becomes-obsessed-with-roommate movie and now Kate and I are a little worried as to which one is going to be the crazy one. (I think it’ll be me).

Then Friday night, Lyndsay, once again, proved to be the BEST FRIEND ever. I had a very interesting and almost life altering night so it was great that she was there to support me, talk to me, and to make me relax. Then, we decided to go celebrate with my neighbor and we played so many drinking games and rounds of “never ever have I ever” we’re practically pros. All the while receiving jokes from her about my massive dilemma.

Ice skating. I love it. Almost as much as I love Taylor Swift and having the last word. And that’s real love. Since Lyndsay refuses to go more than I refuse to listen to the skank of a singer Miley Cyrus, Kate and I made it a just the-two-of-us date. We were doing AMAZING until we touched skates and ate the rink almost as bad as one of Jessi Zeiger’s falls. Boom. On the floor. In pain. Torn jeans. Bruised knee. Sore tail bone. It wouldn’t have been as bad if Kate wouldn’t have screamed like she was being raped while going down. She had that shit on lock.  So after that atrocious experience, I decided I was done with skating. Both for the day and for the rest of the season. Every time I go skating I leave with a nasty sore on my leg from the skate rubbing my leg raw. Then it leaves a nice little scar. I’ve got about 4 on my right leg now.

I think it’s just about time to go dance around to Jessi James in this empty place wearing knee high socks and underwear. 🙂

Never never never give up,


Now listening to: I Look So Good (Without You) by Jessi James


About simplymaris

Hi, I'm Marissa. I've been alive for 18 years now and I finally have my own apartment. I'm an over analyzer. A math addict. A yearbook nerd. A dress collector. I believe we're all broken hearted & not all things happen for a reason. I like to write songs and wear my dad's old sweaters. I love to go back to my parents' house and slide on their hardware floors and visit my old room that we remodeled a year before I left. I'm still a little bitter about that part. I'm a freshman in college and I haven't the slightest idea what I want to do. So for now, I'll spend my summer days at the beach with my cousins and my nights watching completely pointless movies with my two best friends. I'm happier at the beach, but I want to live where there are rainstorms everyday. At the moment, I live alone with my monkey like, destructive, deaf, adorable cat named Tyablt. He's my best friend when he isn't trying to knock over our fish or eating my ponytails then taking them to his food bowl. Tyblat has shown me unconditional love this year and for that I am thankful. So, until I find my Pacey Witter from Dawson's Creek, I'll make it him. I have this weird fascination with love. Even though I don't believe anyone falls in love for the majority of the time, I've had this dream that there is a love like Jamie and Landon. I will find that love even if it takes me 13 heartbreaks and a new cat every time someone says something to make me cry. Though, I might have to find a bigger place if that happens..

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